Coating Elements and Systems

Elementi Spalmatori

In addition to or replacement of current machines, we offer printing units, coating units, and elements for release coating. These can be equipped with a drying and evacuation system, if necessary. We also produce trolley coating groups (flexo, semi flexo, rotogravure, solventless, hot melt) that can also be positioned on existing elements with alterations as required.

We offer turnkey systems, taking charge of the study and alteration of the structural part of the current machine, where the new unwinder/rewinder will be inserted, and the provision of the electrical part as well as the software, if needed.


  • Possibility of providing elements (fixed or with removable trolleys or coating trolleys) to insert on already existing elements to expand the production range of the line.
  • Types of coating that have been made:
    – Rotogravure printing,
    – Elements for the coating with solvent, water, solventless
    – Printing or coating cylinders with independent motors.

Uses and materials

These systems can be used for the coating or printing in the sector of food packaging, in the coating of adhesive tapes, and in extrusion lines. The most common coated or printed materials are paper of different quality and grammage, plastic film, laminates, aluminium, and much more.


These products are provided with all the safeguards necessary to comply with the latest European standards and regulations, which changes are constantly monitored by our team to guarantee the safety of workers and the reputation of our clients. Examples of safeguards include: protective guards on moving parts, barriers, security sensors for the opening of the guards, hardware and software management with PLC and Safety systems. Everything is provided with an operational and maintenance manual, and certifications.

Variable dimensions/features upon request
Reel width
500 to 1.800 mm
19.685 to 70.866 inches
up to 700m/min depending on the type of production and coating
Coating cylinder diameter
200 to 800 mm
7.874 to 31.496 inches
Reel tension
from 5 kg to 50 kg